"I love playing at events, which combines my two favorite things – music and people. After so many years, I can say that playing at events is a unique field in music that requires, beyond excellent musicality and performance, the ability to communicate with the guests and make them feel great"

Guy Wittenberg is currently considered one of the most sought after event musicians. Guy's ability to virtuously combine two instruments – the saxophone and the violin, together with his joie-de-vie and enthusiasm, are an added quality to every event he partakes; his enormous dedication to the success of the event is very prominent on every single occasion.

Guy, who also plays in the mythological Israeli band "Portrait", has been performing for over 15 years with the violin and the saxophone in events all over Israel and abroad (New York, London, Portugal, Greece and other places). He collaborates with the leading DJs in Israel and is considered the preferred player for many DJs, especially thanks to his musical listening abilities, and his communication abilities with the audience and the DJ.

Living in Tel Aviv, married to Tali and a father of two, Plus a dog and two chickens.