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"Guy combined his violin, and  saxophone with the DJ in such a moving and pleasurable manner, the guests wouldn’t stop complimenting us and some even though there were two players in the event J Guy, you are a genuine artist, we can't put into words what a unique and special wedding we had thanks to you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! "

Liron and Tamir

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Both a Saxophonist and violinist at the wedding!

Guy's ability to virtuously combine the two instruments – saxophone and violin – together with his joie-de-vie and enthusiasm, add extra quality to every wedding he performs in, and he is one of the most loved musicians of choice of the leading DJs in Israel.

A combination of elegance, energy and joy

Wedding is different from other events because it includes quiet parts (reception), moving parts (the wedding ceremony and the slow dance) and the dance party.

The saxophone and the violin provide one more live and exciting dimension for the different parts – starting with a relaxed jazzy or rhythmic and electronic reception with the saxophone, through moving violin music at the ceremony, a possible participation during the wedding dance and above all, a LIVE ON DJ combination during the dance party. This part requires excellent musical and listening abilities, a winning performance and a good connection with the crowd and the DJ.

"The most important thing for me at wedding is first of all – the connection and communication with the couple and the guests. But also, understanding the event, knowing where to play, and even more importantly, where not to play, especially during the dance party. This way, I preserve the element of surprise and play only when the effect is very significant", Guy

Excellent musical ensembles for weddings

A good ensemble can contribute a great deal to the success of the wedding. Our ensembles will perform at wedding receptions with a DJ and in more intimate and quiet weddings, without a DJ, the ensemble will perform throughout the wedding, as well as at the dance phase.

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