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"We invited Guy to play at our son's circumcision party, Friday afternoon. Guy provided beyond all our expectations. He was the saxophone player, the violin player and the DJ at the same time, making every moment pleasant for the guests. His repertoire fitted like a glove to a nice afternoon event and his music is completely virtuoso.

Highly recommended.


 Lilach and Udi"

We love playing at private events the most. Whether it is a small Friday afternoon wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a significant birthday among family and friends, and basically, any celebration that goes beyond the wedding party. We feel that our contribution to the success of this kind of events, both as a single musician, as well as in ensembles, is very meaningful and provides them with happiness and quality content. We especially adore preparing a unique repertoire for the occasion, to the family's request.

How to choose the ensemble and style that is right for you?       

In our first meeting, we will talk about the event and your expectations; we will also choose together the most suitable player or ensemble. It can be a saxophone player with just a quiet background music, or an ensemble with a singer that will accompany the entire event, and sometimes I will recommend a real show in a certain part of the event.

How long is the performance?

Usually, my recommendation for private occasions is that the ensemble will be responsible for all the musical part of the event, from beginning to end. We will usually combine live music at the reception, during the dinner, and if suitable – during the dancing part as well. In between the performances, we will put background music. We will always bring a microphone for wishes and blessings, and we will assist in connecting presentations and anything else that has to do with sound.

Musical Ensembles for Private Occasions

Our ensembles usually include singing, but there are also options for only instrumental ensembles, jazz, Greek or Irish music, as well.

'Tranquillo' is an example of an ensemble designated for private occasions. They combine a diverse repertoire in both Hebrew and English, which gains a lot of enthusiasm in events it took part in.

Saxophone and violin player for private occasions – something extra special    

The perfect solution for an event where you look for the little extra something to make the huge impact, from a dinner party to a real experience. Guy combines between the saxophone and the violin with sensitivity and grace: the saxophone will usually sound sweet melodies at the reception, and the happy violin will serve as a dinner surprise.

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