Zoe Chill & Groove – A lounge ensemble perfect for private and business events.

The ensemble that performs in Israel and abroad is a trio: a singer, a saxophonist and a keyboard player that also plays percussion instruments. "Zoe" perform groovy adaptations to famous songs in English, creating a classic musical cocktail atmosphere for receptions, business venues or weddings.

About the ensemble

Formed in 2007 by Alon Chalad and Einat Bezalel. It was later joined by Guy Wittenberg, and today Adi Habushi is its singer. The ensemble has been performing together for many years, radiating the connection and friendship between the musicians, who have all come from Northern Israel and are now living in Tel Aviv.

Alon Chalad – Keyboard player, also plays the accordion and percussion instruments – musician and musical producer – Alon is the "crazy" and creative side of the ensemble. He has played and recorded with many artists, including Eti Ankri, Leah Shabbat and Natasha's Friends.

Adi Habushi – Wonderful singer with a soft and deep voice. She started out in different teen bands in the north, served in the military band and performed with different ensembles playing original music, as well as events and venues. She joined "Zoe" at the beginning of 2016.

Guy Wittenberg – Saxophone player – played for the first Israeli Punk band, "Portrait" and performed with his original music for many years in concerts and events. He has also played in clubs with the leading DJs in Israel. He is also a violin player in different ensembles.

Zoe Chill & Groove – an ensemble for receptions and business events

Rock and pop classics, in English and Hebrew, with a special twist for Israeli songs presented by Yifat and Noam. Among the artists to whose songs this duo has made cover versions are: Assaf Amdurski, Mashina, Beatles, Guns and Roses, The Cure, and Amy Winehouse.